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Toll Chemical Manufacturer Selection Criteria

It’s not uncommon for companies to seek help for their reaction technologies, whether it’s alkylation, esterification, diazotization, bromination, oxidation or a host of others. Toll manufacturing helps companies speed up their project development cycles while reducing costs. Providing this specialized help is something ChemDesign excels in, but we know making the leap to work with a toll manufacturer can be a big step for many businesses.

When looking to partner with toll manufacturing partner, be sure to review their:

EHS Policies: How do they incorporate environment, health and safety (EHS) into what they do? One way to tell this is to see if they’re a ChemStewards® company, which means they’re part of an environmental, health, safety and security (EHS&S) management program put together by SOCMA (the Society of Chemical Manufacturers and Affiliates).

ISO 9001:2008 Registration: This says a lot about a company and how they do business if they can go through the rigorous review of their quality management processes.

Reaction Technologies Offered: Is there a list on their website showing you their capabilities? You don’t want to start down the road of working with company only to find out later they can’t do the reaction you’re looking for. At ChemDesign, we list our capabilities online and also have a link where customers and potential customers can send a quick note about what they need and we can respond if that’s something we can handle.

At ChemDesign, our mission is to encompass these ideals and programs in to our daily operations. We are experts at safely translating processes from the lab to the plant or technical package to the plant. Our team prescreens chemistries in the lab for familiarization, troubleshooting, and providing preliminary experience to the operators, lab technicians, and chemical engineers involved in the project.

We encourage all prospective and current customers to learn more about what chemical toll manufacturing has to offer to make the best decision in finding a partner that works for your project.

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