ChemDesign Products, Inc.


Our Sustainability Strategy

At ChemDesign, we have the responsibility to take action where science and expertise can make for a better world. That is why we have integrated a sustainability initiative across our company. We have identified four focus areas where we believe we can make the biggest difference: Safety & Health, Environmental, Community, and Corporate Governance.

Employee health and wellness is our first priority. ChemDesign invests heavily in training and employee development to continually improve our knowledge and conduct chemistry safely. At the core of our safety program are an active continuous improvement program, near-miss reporting culture, and investment in employee wellness outside of the workplace. We are proud of our workforce and their efforts to always make ChemDesign a safe place to work. Learn More.


ChemDesign is committed to doing no harm to the environment and reducing our impact on the world around us. Our key focus is to reduce emissions, recycle or reuse materials, and consume less energy in our daily operations. Learn More. 

ChemDesign is a passionate supporter of our community.  Part of our sustainability strategy involves supporting STEM programs, youth programs, food pantries, and community wellness programs. We actively volunteer with the Chamber of Commerce and other organizations within our community. Learn More. 

ChemDesign aligns itself with a high standard of corporate governance starting with Professional Ownership®, experienced Board of Directors, and extends to formal strategic planning. Our team has the highest integrity and ethics when handling confidentiality protocols. Our business is evaluated based on risks related to supply chain, IT, and compliance to accounting and operational standards. Learn More.

Recognition in Sustainable Performance

ChemDesign is proud to announce that it has received the Bronze Medal from EcoVadis® for its Corporate Social Responsibility Program. This medal scores ChemDesign among the top 50% of companies in all industries for this sustainability rating.