ChemDesign Products, Inc.

About Us

We Make Chemistry Work

Since 1983, ChemDesign has been the most trusted external manufacturing services provider for the chemical industry – utilizing our experience and technical expertise to make chemistry work for all our stakeholders. 

ChemDesign’s processing site in Marinette, Wisconsin, has over forty reactors across multiple production buildings. Our technical staff, 24/7 operation, and well-equipped quality control facilities provide a stable and trustworthy platform for your next project.

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Our Mission

We make the world a better place for our community, employees, and customers by being the most trusted external manufacturing service provider for the chemical industry.

True North Objectives

  • A Strong Safety Culture
  • Environmentally Sound Plants
  • Focus and Reputation for process improvement and reliability
  • Communicate clearly to teams and customers.

Our Value Proposition

  • The highest standards for Safety, Environmental Stewardship, and our Community.

  • Customer partnerships encompass all aspects of manufacturing and provide a family-like relationship based on trust, transparency, and meeting common goals.

  • Vast array of reliable assets and investing capital as needed to meet your requirements.

  • Communicate clearly with all stakeholders and providing a technical team of experienced professionals to deliver products that meet or exceed your expectations.

  • Deliver on time and going the extra distance with customer service

  • A continuous improvement mindset in all we do to make working with us easier, better, and faster.

  • Nimble and flexible as a private company, leveraging our leadership and resources to solve problems and take on new challenges.


The efficient implementation of your processes in conjunction with employee safety and solid environmental management combine to bring together a focused, experienced team ready to meet the challenges and demands of today’s regulatory environment. Reach out to us on our contact page today!