ChemDesign Products, Inc.

Innovative Ideas for Recognizing Safety Milestones

photo 2Safety usually doesn’t attract much attention until something goes wrong. But safety is an integral part of any business’ success, including ChemDesign’s. We take pride in upholding the strictest standards in health, safety, and environmental operations.

One way to draw attention to the importance safety is shining a spotlight on successes, such as reaching different milestones. ChemDesign’s maintenance department recently marked going more than 2,040 days or more than 5 ½ years without a recordable injury. To celebrate and shine that spotlight on this important milestone, four maintenance employees were featured on the cover of our October, 2013 employee newsletter holding up numbers demonstrating their accomplishment.

The photograph was accompanied by a short article mentioning the achievement and discussing how the department increased the number of work orders in its database so far this year. The write-up closes by encouraging employees to put in their own work orders for things that need to be repaired or updated, such as upgrading lighting to be more energy efficient.

With just a few hundred words and a photograph, we’re able to send out multiple messages while creating opportunity to highlight ChemDesign’s commitment to safety. The next time your company hits a safety milestone, try to brainstorm different ways to highlight the team’s achievement. Mention it in the company newsletter, post it on Facebook or other social media channels, or put together a simple news release and send it in to the local newspaper. We take pride in highlighting safety achievements in innovative ways because to those employees who earned the achievement, it really matters.

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