ChemDesign Products, Inc.


Our Commitment to Environment

ChemDesign is committed to doing no harm to the environment and reducing our impact on the world around us. Our key focus is to reduce emissions, recycle or reuse materials, and consume less energy in our daily operations.

Our Success Stories

Reducing Process Emissions

We've incorporated a closed-loop drying system to enhance solvent recovery and reuse nitrogen with near-zero emissions, reduced raw materials consumption, and improved environmental impact. 

Protecting Our Resources

Water conservation is important for the environment. We’ve achieved substantial improvements in water use by utilizing a more effective process washing technique to remove impurities.

Embedding Sustainability into Our Culture

ChemDesign also has a thriving continuous improvement culture to encourage all employees to think about process efficiency, resource management, and employee safety.


Responsible Resource Management

We routinely audit our vendor facilities to ensure that raw materials and process byproducts are handled appropriately.

Closing The Loop on Steel Waste

ChemDesign recycles over 95% raw material metal drums through reconditioning, direct cleaning, and reuse for steel or other purposes.

Making our Operations More Energy Efficient

We're reducing energy consumption through process optimization and energy-efficient equipment.