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ChemDesign CEO Serves Second Term on SOCMA Board

The Society of Chemical Manufacturers & Affiliates (SOCMA), the leading trade association dedicated to the specialty chemical industry, is pleased to announce the return of David Mielke, President & CEO of ChemDesign to their Board of Directors. Mielke served on the SOCMA Board of Governors from 2014 to 2018 and looks forward to returning his leadership and experience to SOCMA.

David Mielke is the President and CEO of ChemDesign, bringing 36 years of experience in driving operational excellence and strategic growth in the chemical sector. Before becoming President of ChemDesign in 2006, he was Director of Commercial Development and Vice President of Technology, positioning the company as a leader in the specialty chemical market.

“I feel privileged to rejoin SOCMA’s Board, especially at this crucial moment for the association,” said Mielke. “SOCMA’s member network has been an invaluable resource for ChemDesign, offering critical insights into legislation and EHS resources. SOCMA has also assisted us in dealing with pandemics, supply chain disruptions, tariffs, and regulations.”

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