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Chemical Manufacturer Invests in New Technology

For many businesses, “Digitizing” has become the norm as investments in new technology continue to drive value in today’s chemical manufacturing operations. ChemDesign has invested in several, state of the art, intrinsically safe computers for the chemical production buildings. ChemDesign engineers have installed a system to plan decisions regarding asset maintenance. Investments in technology have allowed chemical manufacturing companies like ChemDesign to utilize data from these systems to increase overall plant efficiency.

Garret Unsworth, a chemical engineer at ChemDesign, is managing the project. Joining our team in 2019, Garrett recognized the opportunity to improve the synergy between maintenance and chemical tolling operations by creating a technology-based maintenance organization system. This system works by allowing chemical operators to submit maintenance requests and track progress on work orders via the computers. The goal of this project was to reduce paper communication and decrease the costs associated with machinery downtime for the chemical manufacturer.

The use of intrinsically safe computers will increase plant efficiency by allowing our maintenance staff to prioritize repair projects according to the production schedule. Also, our engineers will be able to track the quality and lifespan of equipment parts. This will allow preventative maintenance to occur near the end of the part’s lifespan. Preventative maintenance to reduce downtime and equipment failure can increase product quality and, most importantly, prevent safety incidents.

“Overall, I am really happy about the investment in technology at ChemDesign. I like that we are using it to change the narrative on plant maintenance from reactive to proactive” he explained. These computers will be an additional tool for communication between the plant, the quality control lab, and operations management as well.

Dave Mielke, CEO of ChemDesign, comments on the resourcefulness of the engineering team, “The ongoing investment in projects like this expresses our commitment to asset reliability for our customers. We have a great team and the implementation of their ideas continues to enhance our strength as an organization.”

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