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ChemDesign Grows Chemical Tolling Capabilities with Production Building Expansion

Chemical Production building

Many exciting asset expansion projects are happening at ChemDesign Products Inc., a custom chemical tolling company based in Northeast Wisconsin. This year, the addition of its’ new 26,000 sq. ft.  technology center, new process support and quality control labs, and various plant equipment updates have happened. The toll manufacturer is proud to announce the expansion of building 52, one of the company’s main chemical processing buildings. This addition will allow ChemDesign to grow its production capabilities alongside the growing demand for custom chemicals.

Advancing Chemical Processing Capabilities

The two-story addition will add 1000 sq. ft. to the production floor. This totaling for a massive amount of production space for building 52. The additional production space will be occupied with a new, state of the art, Rosenmund filter, dryer, and support assets. The larger floor area, improved lighting, and upgraded fire protection systems will provide safer operating conditions.  Additionally, the larger area will facilitate building workflow contributing to better-operating efficiency. All factors leading to the world-class chemistry outsourcing platform for which ChemDesign is known.

Excellent Performance for Solids Isolation and Recovery

The new Rosenmund filter will add to ChemDesign’s existing capabilities for producing quality fine chemical and specialty chemical products. The Rosenmund filter performs a multitude of tasks including filtration, displacement, and vacuum drying.

This filter and equipment will enhance our ability to dry chemical products and maintain the highest levels of product integrity and consistency. Adding more reliability and differentiating ChemDesign as an industry leader in the production of high-quality chemical intermediates.

About ChemDesign

ChemDesign,, provides a variety of contract and toll chemical processing services for companies in the specialty, agricultural, and fine chemical markets. The company is a part of SOCMA, ChemStewards® Program, and is ISO 9001:2015 certified. Our chemists, lab analysts, and chemical engineers have the expertise to take your project needs from pilot-scale manufacturing to full-scale chemical production. We offer many values added services including translation of process, technical support, process optimization, logistics management. We have the technology, equipment, and great people to make your project a success. Tell us about your needs for chemical intermediates by visiting our contact page.

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