ChemDesign Products, Inc.

ChemDesign Sets TRIR Safety Milestone

ChemDesign, specialists in custom chemical manufacturing, completed twelve months with a total recordable injury rate (TRIR) of less than one, setting a new record.

This flagship safety indicator takes into account how many OSHA recordable incidents a company has per number of hours worked. The exact TRIR for ChemDesign from January 1, 2015 – December 31, 2015 was 0.88. This rate exceeds the 2014 chemical industry sector average of 2.0. ChemDesign has been a long time SOCMA member and historically followed Responsible Care and now Chemstewards member protocols.

ChemDesign has achieved longer-term injury-free rates of zero in several departments.

  • Operations: 1 year
  • Quality Control/Research and Development: 3.5 years
  • Maintenance: 8 years
  • Shipping/Receiving/Logistics: 13 years
  • Administration: 15 years

“We’ve had an excellent year in safety and are proud of these achievements,” said Dave Mielke, president and CEO. “It’s exciting to share the stories behind the numerical outcomes with customers, families and friends. Our team cares about each other and collectively we have improved communication while setting higher standards for training. As part of our strategic plan, our goal is to excel in safety. These milestones reflect those efforts.”

Kevin Harris, safety and training supervisor, gives credit to the safety culture established by employees. “The key to reaching important milestones is the persistent commitment to personal and team safety. We have a culture that empowers each person to communicate and reinforce safe behaviors. We also listen and respond to the suggestions of co-workers. The safety knowledge of this team is deep, which opens up opportunities to continuously improve.”

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