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Thank you for your interest in ChemDesign! We asked members of our team share their insights on what it’s like to work at our custom chemical manufacturing facilities. These videos are unscripted on purpose to provide you with real perspectives from our team who makes chemistry work every day.

Bob Z represents the last of the original operators who took the leap of faith to join ChemDesign in 1983, the year we were founded. In this video shot during the last hour of his last shift, he describes his career journey that began 46 years ago.

Chris Tharp, a chemical operator at ChemDesign, describes his experiences during his first month of employment.

Abi Smrz, Noah Pearson and Hailea Weiss, interns at ChemDesign, describe their experiences during their summer internships.

Zak Krueger, a quality analyst at ChemDesign, describes his experiences working with his team in the lab and testing facilities.

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