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Customer Relations: Covering Specialty Chemical Manufacturing

customerserviceteamnamesIn specialty chemical manufacturing, customers each come with unique and highly confidential needs. Each program is customized, which makes the job of providing service an exciting opportunity to go above and beyond expectations.

The customer service team at ChemDesign are the main contacts after a contract is in place. They are a critical connection in building relationships and delivering value.

The customer service team at ChemDesign believes customers choose to work with ChemDesign because of a proven ability to follow through time and time again. For customers, the team is able to provide immediate and accurate feedback and has the knowledge and ability to provide unique reports for each customer.

The level of care customers receive is a direct result of the teams’ ability to be involved with all aspects that go into manufacturing a product. They have close relationships with all departments at ChemDesign.

In general, each customer has a different set of requirements.  It is the responsibility of the customer service representative to know details of the project. The team is experienced in providing customized service, which allows them to anticipate needs, before questions arise.

There are other critical aspects the team delivers that goes well beyond traditional customer service. They maintain and track inventory, enter products into customers’ SAP systems and create invoices. They ensure product is shipped out to meet deadlines and contract promise dates.  They also provide quality and testing results to our customers, through certificates of analysis.

The customer service team is responsible for shipping of samples as well. From maintaining inventory records, shipment records, and a customer files, the job doesn’t end when the product leaves ChemDesign. Often, there are requests for information afterwards.

With all that’s involved in serving clients in a niche industry, how do you know if you’ve made a difference? As Sue Carlson, a member of the team since 1986 describes, “Customers view us like family, and we theirs. You develop a bond, where you each get support in when you need it the most.” These strong relationships deliver value beyond measure.

Customer Service Best Practices in a Niche Industry

  1. Every day is different. Know the current details of the projects you are assigned to.
  2. Always be prepared to provide accurate feedback. Never give up on finding the right answer.
  3. Commit to learn and grow. Lead a project recap with your team.
  4. Never lose sight of deadlines and key milestone dates
  5. Treat a customer like family; offer support at all times

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