ChemDesign Products, Inc.

Internships Provide Experience in Engineering and EHS Safety

AshleyQuinBobThis summer, ChemDesign provided three internships, one in EHS Safety and two in engineering. For a 125-employee organization like ChemDesign, it is a significant commitment to create distinctive internship experiences.

Bob Martens, an engineering intern from Michigan Technological University, interviewed and was offered the opportunity at ChemDesign when Brian Bourgeois, Human Resources and Employee Development Manager with ChemDesign, came to campus for a Coffee with Industry in April.

Martens enjoys the opportunity to be immersed in the changing of processes with the engineering maintenance and operations teams. In just over ninety days, he completed a detailed pipe identification project, creating original equipment drawings and developing a plan to move a hazardous waste tank.

Ashley Chic, an engineering intern from UW Platteville, first heard of the internship opportunity at her school’s annual fall career fair. ChemDesign looks for the best well-rounded students at career fairs, who exhibit technical and leadership potential. They also screen candidates on their interest in working in the specialty chemicals industry (which is highlighted in this specialty chemicals career presentation by President David Mielke). Chic interviewed and accepted the engineering internship position in October.

Her highlights of the summer include developing visual process boards designed to help determine availability of vessels for planning purposes. The boards help building managers see which vessel trains are available and easily determine what’s currently running. In addition to developing the boards, she also evaluated the changeover process of the quickest crew in the plant to determine best practices to share with the other crews.

Quin Kovar, an EHS Safety intern, is entering his third year of chemical engineering studies at Michigan Technological University. A native of Menominee, Michigan, Kovar appreciates the opportunity to work with a leading employer close to home. His major projects included updated over 750 Safety Data Sheets and evaluating the Leak Detection Awareness Response system.

Martens, Chic and Kovar each stated they are leaving their experience with a deep appreciation for how quickly, safely and efficiently the ChemDesign team can change processes. They all stated they could see themselves working for ChemDesign post-graduation!



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