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How to Change the Safety Culture – ChemDesign Takes the Lead

Here at ChemDesign, we know that safety is of primary importance for all employees and stakeholders of our company. We have implemented multiple programs to keep safety top of mind for everyone at our plant. 

Training: Recently we conducted Emergency Response Training with a representative of Lakeshore Technical University.  This training consisted of 3 days in the classroom and 40 hours of hands-on training activities covering topics including evacuations, headcounts, rescues, explosions, how to safely fix leaks, spills and more. Operators, supervisors, and management learned how to properly put on and take off hazmat suits and respond to any chemical contamination that could happen while at work or during an emergency. Participants in the class were Chris Kanikula, Matt Smiley, Harrison Krueger, Shane Parish, Mike Hinterberg, Vince Schackmann, Ryan Beamer, Bill Coleman, and Done Jones. They all enjoyed the training sessions on how to respond in an emergency and fix multiple problems- they also liked the lunch break with pizza!  Participants noted it was helpful to have an outside perspective on what could go wrong and how to respond.

Communication: Another way we maintain our positive safety culture, is through ChemDesign TV. We installed a screen in the lunchroom that updates site safety statistics, safety tips, and reminders. It updates and refreshes daily for new content-based on our safety performance. This way, employees can actively assess the health of our safety environment and be informed of related safety topics so they can respond accordingly.

Cultivate Ideas: The third way we encourage a safety culture is through our Continuous Improvement Program. Every year, we encourage employees to take a survey. The site leaders consider the responses and create action plans to improve the workplace. This program also involves a reimbursement plan for employees who share their ideas on how to improve the plant. Any employee who comes up with a better or safer way to complete a process is reimbursed when their idea is implemented. Our listening demonstrates that our safety culture is one that takes accountability, learns, and encourages every team member to be a leader in safety.

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