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Toll Manufacturing for Specialty Chemicals Markets

Tap into ChemDesign’s expertise in the fine-chemicals, agrochemicals and specialty chemicals markets to develop your molecules from development, technical translation, to production.
Custom chemical manufacturing assets and laboratory services are conveniently located on one campus, providing efficiencies needed to run your process from pilot to full-scale production. We take charge of your project while seamlessly transitioning from R&D, engineering and production. We have it all at one location, with the most experienced technical team and operators in the country.

Fine Chemicals

fine chemicals
Our experience in fine-chemicals includes non GMP intermediates, phenolic compounds, Grignard reagents and catalysts. We can produce fine chemicals utilizing TiCl 4 and PCl 3 as well for clients. Learn more

Specialty Surfactants

specialty surfactants
ChemDesign has experience helping companies serve fast growing niches with small-volume, high-performance specialty surfactants. Our breadth of experience includes: intermediates, stabilizers, anti-oxidants, property modifiers and additives.


agro chemicals
Strict standards for safety and quality are paramount in supporting the agrochemicals manufacturers we serve with actives and intermediates. Our expertise is in high demand for challenging synthesis methods and bio-based molecules. Learn More

Specialty Chemicals

specialty chemicals
Specialty chemical manufacturing success relies on a trusted partner with expertise in the industry. Our breadth of experience includes producing materials for: water treatment, personal care, coatings, construction, and food ingredient applications. Learn more

Polymer & Plastic Additives

plastic additives
Consumer preferences for eco-friendly products contributes to the development of the polymer and plastic additives markets. Our technical team has experience producing world-class specialty polymers and engineering plastics. Recently, we have helped customers make great progress in producing additive manufacturing (AM) technologies.

Pharmaceutical Intermediates (non-GMP)

ChemDesign offers pharmaceutical intermediates (non-GMP) manufacturing and chemical development. With process documentation available at any time, partnering with our team improve your productivity and speed to market.
The team at ChemDesign has a long and successful history of forming collaborations with chemists and engineers in the markets highlighted. If you do not see your specific market described, please contact us at 715-735-9033 or email at [email protected]

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