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Fine Chemicals

ChemDesign provides fine chemical toll processing or traditional organic synthesis in our multipurpose chemical plants. Our experience covers a broad range of fine chemicals, including pharmaceuticals, intermediaries, or agrochemicals. These complex, pure chemicals are manufactured in batch quantities and according to exact specifications for our customers’ intended product applications. Unlike specialty chemicals, fine chemicals are focused on the chemical makeup of the product, rather than the product application. Our technical expertise, updated equipment, and quality control will assure leading quality, in spec, custom fine chemicals. If you are in need of a fine chemical tolling partner, we deliver!

Valuable Fine Chemical Toll Manufacturing Solutions:

Independence: We are a trustworthy specialty chemical toll manufacturing partner. We are not in competition with our customers and comply with intellectual property protection standards.

Flexibility: We run simple projects to multi-step chemical synthesis projects requiring reaction, isolation, and drying. Our plant runs on a shift schedule offering 24/7 accessibility to our customers.

Cost-Effective Solutions: Our fine chemical tolling services are competitive with off-shore for many materials.

We are committed to environmental responsibility and safety: ChemDesign is an ISO 9001:2015 registered ChemStewards® company. Annually, we complete audits by many of the Top 50 global chemical companies. ChemDesign also holds EPA registration to make FIFRA Compliant Products.

It is important to find a chemical tolling company with the technical capabilities to manufacture your fine chemical products. At ChemDesign we can effectively translate your process to our manufacturing capabilities. We offer award-winning technical, analytical support, and process optimization. We work with our partners to provide transparency with clear and concise data sharing capabilities. Our specialized team of operations management and customer support specialists provide quality logistics management (raw materials and finished goods).

Our chemists’ technical expertise in specialty chemical synthesis and scale-up processing will take your project from trial to shipment. We have the technology, equipment, and great people to make your project a success. After all, We Make Chemistry Work! If you need a chemical toller reach out to us on our contact page.

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