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ChemDesign Annual Steak Fry

The annual ChemDesign Steak Fry, held at City Park in Marinette, has become a tradition for our company spanning more than 30 years. If you have experienced our flagship summer event (or if you plan to join us this year) there are a few distinctions you may enjoy reading about that makes our event unique.

How did our event become known as a “Steak Fry”?

Since the beginning, our tasty steaks have been grilled. The name “steak fry” is a Midwestern colloquialism for beef grill-out events like ours. At ChemDesign, we like to do a steak fry right. We take pride in procuring the best cuts of beef in our area. Our social committee places a large order from Gary’s Quality Foods in Wallace, Michigan . The steaks are about 1.5 inches thick, which is the size you’ll find from the best butchers.

The steak excellence happens when each person is given the opportunity to grill their own! Our team gets the coals nice and hot. Everyone picks a perfect cut of meat and finds a spot on the grill. Once the cut of meat is done, we offer a condiment bar, including traditional A1 steak sauce.

What are the event highlights?

In 2018, we recognized our most recent retiree, Bob Zietler, who began his career at ChemDesign in March, 1972. Dave Mielke, our President, and CEO, added a dual meaning to his recognition of Bob’s tenure. He said, “Bob has been instrumental in keeping our instruments running. He’s been the primary electrician over the years and leaves the department in the capable hands of Derrick Cearfoss.”

As an electrician, Bob took pride in continuously educating himself in the ever-changing field of electrical technology. Not only was Bob a great electrician for ChemDesign, but also helped change our technologies. He took us from wind-up chart records to state-of-the-art DAQ stations; from stick measuring tanks to radar gauges with remote readouts; from scale weighing to mass flow meters. For his contributions, our team thought it was fitting to provide him with one of the best Lowrance fish finders on the market to help him enjoy his time on the water even more than he already does.

Drawing for Prizes

At ChemDesign, it’s become a tradition to conclude our events with prize drawings. Yes, we do have can koozies, but we up the ante a bit for our main prize drawings. At the Steak Fry, we gave away several nice coolers, as well as a Johnsonville Electric Grill.

As the 2018 event came to an end, we had the retirees in attendance gather to take a group photo. As our retiree group continues to grow, this event will continue to be essential in bringing everyone together for a good time with even better company. I am already looking forward to our future events.

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