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ChemDesign Annual Fishing Derby 2019

Fishing is a verb, noun, and a favorite hobby of Wisconsinites. According to, this beloved hobby gained traction in the 19th and 20th centuries as one of the first commercial enterprises to achieve some level of success in Wisconsin. Fisherman earned a livelihood within the fish abundant waters of Lake Michigan, Green Bay, and Lake Superior. Today, fishing is still a major industry in Wisconsin, but now, experts to amateur hobbyists enjoy waiting for the perfect catch.

ChemDesign’s Annual Fishing Derby happened on August 24th. Teams consisted of 2 people, one required to be an employee of ChemDesign. Fishing was limited to the Menominee River. The species caught at this event were: Perch, Crappie, Bass, Northern, Walleye, Trout, and Salmon.  Prizes, sponsored by ChemDesign, were awarded for top 3 catches determined by total weight. The winners for the best catch were:

1st place:  John Ruehs/Brandon- 14.0 pounds total

2nd place:  Codi Needham/Butch- 11.6 pounds total

3rd place: “Team Catalyst” Kurt Paris/Derek- 5.0 pounds total

The biggest fish registered that day was a 3.1 lb Northern Pike. There was a second prize for the best work-related team name that went to “Breaking Lines” consisting of Shane Johnson and Adam McDonald. They won a grill and the Black and Decker project pack. Dennis Kaufman won the door prize, a Milwaukee screwdriver kit.

Adam McDonald & Shane Johnson sporting their
“Breaking Lines” team teeshirts.

John Ruehs, chemical operator, comments on the event saying, “A lot of us here love to fish. This event was a great opportunity for employees to spend time out of work doing something together. We are thankful for the sponsorship to make this event possible”. We had 6 total teams participate this year. If you missed this year’s fishing derby, make sure to join us next time!

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