ChemDesign Products, Inc.


Our Commitment

We enjoy living in Marinette, Wisconsin, a vibrant place we are proud to call home. ChemDesign’s giving strategy and targeted employee volunteerism efforts are focused on STEM outreach at schools, youth educational programs, food pantries, and overall community wellness programs. 

Supporting Our Community

We show the world what support for our community looks like – and that means providing opportunities for everyone to get involved. Our employee volunteer activities include hosting an Angel Tree for the Salvation Army and running an annual fundraising campaign for the Tri-County United Way. Team building happens through our company volleyball team and bicycle team for the Leow Strong Bike Ride. We also support professional development groups like the Chamber Community Leadership Academy and WAVE Young Professionals.  

Education Outreach

ChemDesign is active in STEM education outreach in our community. In 2019, ChemDesign won the Education Outreach award from SOCMA for its successful efforts in inspiring students to pursue chemistry-related careers. ChemDesign employees have held chemistry demonstrations for more than 700 local k-12 students. For a full summary of the educational efforts see ChemDesign’s blog posts about Educational Outreach and its  Career Development Program.

Our Values

Our commitment to society includes creating a welcoming workplace supported by all employees upholding our company values.

ChemDesign values teamwork and supporting an inclusive environment. See the SOCMA Specialty Insights Article about how our refreshed culture and benefits make for a growing female workforce in chemical manufacturing.