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ChemDesign Employees Graduate from NWTC-CTED Leadership Academy

On June 20th, ChemDesign supervisors and managers gathered at the North Coast Marine Manufacturing Training Center. These employees graduated from a specialty leadership course sponsored by NTWC’s CTED-Cooperate Training and Economic Development in Marinette, Wisconsin. This Leadership Academy was presented by Renee Butrym, Corporate Trainer at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College for CTED. (link)

Leadership Academy classes consisted of eight separate 4-hour sessions for a total of 32 hours of classroom training with two additional 1-hour individual training sessions. The graduates from this program were Vince Schackmann, Mike Hinterberg, Dennis Kaufman, Jay Therriault, Paul Neilo, Kevin Possi, Kevin Harris, Mindy Doubek, Tina Odea, Todd Smith, Gretchen Smith, Wendy Swanson, Roman Leiser, and Jordan Parker.

ChemDesign wishes to recognize and thank everyone for investing their time to become a better leader and mentor. Programs like this are significant for developing the leaders of the future and helping our employees be the best they can be.

About the Academy:

According to NWTC’s webpage, “CTED Training and Seminars are focused on meeting the ever-expanding continuing education needs of adult professionals in Northeast Wisconsin.” Their sole mission is to provide flexible training at a cost-effective price for organizations. CTED offers seminars, customized training courses, online training, conferences & special events including many topics from categories such as business, performance, technical, safety, and health.

The Leadership Academy features training units that focus on Challenges with Leadership, Communication for Leadership, Coaching and Development of Others, Resolving Conflict, Problem Solving, Peer to Boss, High Performing teams, and Using Failures to Leverage Success.

Strong Leadership is the backbone of any successful organization. Leaders determine the vision and direction for a team, company, or the world. Jack Welch, a leader, and former General Electric CEO wrote in his book, Winning: “Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.” With that, we congratulate our leaders at ChemDesign for their work in completing this training. 

A Culture of Learning:

ChemDesign is proud to support education in our community and to support the continued education of our employees. Our core values include continuous improvement by encouraging an environment of engagement, learning, and teaching. Interested in joining a work culture based on learning and achievement at ChemDesign? Check our available positions on our Careers page. (link)

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