ChemDesign Products, Inc.

Fine Chemicals

Fine Chemicals

Fine Chemical Toll Services

ChemDesign provides chemical toll processing for fine chemical production. Our experience covers a broad range of fine chemicals, including pharmaceuticals intermediaries and agrochemicals. Our technical expertise, updated equipment, and quality control will assure at grade custom fine chemicals.

We are committed to environmental responsibility and safety.

  • ChemStewards® company
  • Completed audits by many of the Top 50 global chemical companies
  • ISO 9001:2008 registered

Value Added Services

  • Translation of process
  • Analytical and technical support
  • Process optimization
  • Waste management
  • Logistics management (raw materials and finished goods)
  • Data sharing
  • Flexible production
  • IP protection
  • 24/7 accessibility

The ChemDesign campus comprises 40,000 square feet on 11 acres and provides approximately 70,000 gallons of total reactor capacity. The facility operates on a seven days a week, 24 hours per day basis. For more information about the ChemDesign capabilities, please contact us at (715) 735-9033 or email at [email protected]

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