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Employee Assistance Programs at ChemDesign

[avatar user=”Brian Bourgeois” size=”thumbnail” align=”left”] By: Brian Bourgeois, HR/Employee Development Manager

This month, we were recognized as one of the twenty four employers in the Marinette/Menomonee region offering Employee Assistance through Gil Garcia of Concerned Associates. This recognition gave me reason to reflect on the breath of counseling and employee assistance services we offer at ChemDesign.

Each of our ChemDesign employees and their immediate families have access to Employee Assistance free of charge (3 visits/year). As a major employer, we want to make sure our employees have help in dealing with life situations that can arise. Personal counseling is often overlooked and many do not see how far reaching these services can be in providing a more manageable stress level in life.

Aside from many of the traditional needs for counseling (death, disability, marriage, family, addiction) we have found great success in helping our employees through other issues such as financial management, personal health, retirement planning and addressing aging parent issues.

When recession hit our region six years ago, there were many people who panicked over the fall out of their stock portfolios (it was all over the news). The majority of blue and white collar workers cannot sustain an interruption of income. The sudden onset of higher fuel prices and consumer goods impacted budgets, causing those living paycheck to paycheck a great amount of stress. We had employees struggling to figure out how they were going to maintain their style of life and recruited Concerned Associates to work with these families to help them come up with a plan to address their financial situation.

Employees can also become distracted because of the onset of a personal health issue or the stress of caring for aging parents.The stress compounds without the ability to talk to someone who can help you find solutions to proactively address the situation. By being in tune with our staff and their needs for support, we are able to offer free and confidential assistance to help them refocus and return to productive individuals.

As we have experienced at ChemDesign, professional counseling helps with a breath of different issues. We will continue our dedication to offering these services.

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